What is a valuation report?

A valuation report is a professional written assessment of how much your property is worth. An experienced valuer will inspect the property, consider all the factors that affect the value and write-up a professional property report that may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  •  Property summary 
  •  Date of instruction 
  •  Asserted market value 
  •  Legal description
  •  Registered proprietors 
  •  Resource management/zoning 
  •  Locality
  •  Land description
  •  Full description of the building/buildings
  •  Valuation process identifying the methods used
  •  A general market comment
  •  List of comparable sales
  • Statutory assessments (RV, rates) 
  • Certificate of Title 

How long will it take to complete the valuation?
From the property inspection to the completed report is normally within three to five working days.

Why must the valuer have access to the interior of the property?
The valuer cannot adequately certify the internal condition of the property without an inspection.  Internal condition of the property is an important consideration when calculating market value.

Why use a Registered Valuer instead of a Real Estate Agent?

A Registered valuer is a trained and qualified professional who will provide an independent report on the property. The valuer has no financial interest in the property. 

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